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Monday, March 24, 2008

A growing trend – whoever you are?

It’s the fifth time I’ve seen it in 12 years in the States. I’ve never seen it in England but I’m not there very much any more. I stand by my trolly with my daughter in Trader Joes supermarket and watch, just like everybody else. I see a youngster, a boy, run from one end of the frozen food counter to the other, 30 feet, but he treds on the frozen food. His face is elated and his body is very nimble. My children have not done this. Maybe he is acting out, punishing his parent? Perhaps he is oblivious to social norms or flaunting them deliberately, there is no way to tell. I look around for his parent.

I see her swift movements with a face that’s a mask that masks nothing. She’s calm, almost nonchalant, as she heaves 60 pounds of child off the end of the freezer section. Trader Joes is a chain, a franchise. There are several options in a 25 mile radius. I expect that she visits them in turn. I imagine that she probably doesn’t take her son with her unless there are no other options.
Her rhino hide is impressive. She probably doesn’t notice, but I beam her anyway. How can one not beam such people?


Linda said...

People let their children do those sorts of things? Seriously? You've got to be kidding ... but then again, people let their kids do all sorts of things they shouldn't be doing, don't they?

Sigh ...

The Shepcarpclan said...

Wow, have to say I have never seen that. In Trader Joe's or other stores. Not that my five have been perfect angels but none have streaked over frozen food.

Anonymous said...

Where I live it is a huge problem. You can't go to a store without seeing a child running around unattended. I HATE it.

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