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Friday, September 12, 2008

Snorty Saturday

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Smiley Saturday comes to us via "Lightening on Line."

This is a new one for me but I thought it would be a good exercise in practicing being optimistic since I am a natural, die in the woods, pessimist, if not to say cynic.

If you need a hint about how to do this, you can check out "Marita's" post over at "Stuff with Thing" on her post called, oddly enough "Smiley Saturday." It seems to be a weekly review. Can you tell I'm a newbie?

It's hard to encapsulate a whole week, especially when it was an extra short one with a 'service/ in staff training day' but I can think of a couple of things, well maybe just one, that made me laugh this week. Well earlier this morning actually, just after six a.m.

My son found another free new friend, and he told me about it with words, in the garden, shivering, and he shared 'her' which was not an accidental or random reference, and he used the word 'green' for the first time in 18 months, and he named 'her' 'Hike girl!' and he told me that she bites boy Praying Mantid's heads off!

That made me snort.


danette said...

That is one huge praying mantis! How cool that he's holding it so calmly :).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining us in Smiley Saturday. I apologise for my tardiness in coming over to comment on your post. It's lovely to have you and I hope you'll join us again. The purpose of Smiley Saturday is to smile. You can post smiley moments from your week, post a joke or a funny you tube video. Anything you like really as long as it relates to smiling. As someone who struggles with depression, it's really important to me to help both myself and others smile. :)

Seeing new people get involved with Smiley Saturday really makes me smile - so thank you. :)

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