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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Green Grass

“Now if I were, rich and famous, then really my troubles would be over!”
“You think?”
“Yup, I’d never have to make a bed again!”
“Excuse me! I seem to remember sayin that yah don make beds. Anyways you have those duvet things, that’s more of a shake and a shimmy, no hospital corners there.”
“Minor details.”
“Anyways, how a yer kids gonna learn to make a bed if there’s someone else there to do it? You’re still gonna have to teach em?”
“True. But at least there would be someone to clean up al the spills and mess!”
“I thought you wuz tryin to teach them how to do that too.”
“I am, but they’re not very good at it yet.”
“Don you think it’s gonna undermine their efforts if someone comes along and cleans up after they’ve tried their best?”
“Maybe. But it would still be nice to have someone pick up the children from school, a chauffeur! Someone else to man-handle them into the vehicle and get danger money!”
“How would you find out how their school day had been if you couldn’t talk to the teachershttp://www2.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif
face to face, see the other kids, their friends, the other parents, how would you keep your finger on the pulse?”
“Do you have something against being rich and famous or something? Still it would be nice to have someone do the garden, that would save a lot of time.”
“I thought that was your therapy time! You’ll be as mad as a brush without your down time.”
“Very well, just someone to do the shopping then!” A good one, for someone "allergic to shopping."
“There are other ways of learnin the value of money but it sure is good exposure for them and they’re gettin better at it all the time with all that practice.”
“Someone to wash up?”
“Ain’t that dishwasher workin? The cleaners already come to give the whole place the once over weekly, how much more do you want?”
“So basically you’re saying that I can’t be rich and famous because there will be too many learning opportunities wiped out by having all these helpful people around?”
“Your choice hon. I’m sure you’d get someone to do it all, but if you did, think what you’d be missin!”

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