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Monday, July 28, 2008

Whoops a daisy

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Just like every other parent on the planet, I also have a 'to do' list longer than I count but that's what 'bullets' are really for.

I make a start. I take a marker and draw through the first line which reads, 'wake up.' I cross off six more lines in a similar fashion. Already I'm am stunningly efficient although still in my dressing gown at dawn.

I whizz through my day in a never ending "circus" of productivity.

The first time it happens I’m caught off guard and grab the kitchen counter for support. I look down at my son who has wrapped himself around my knees for some unaccountable reason. “What are you doing dear?” He grins but scampers away, wordless. If I wasn’t half way through chopping an onion I’d be inclined to investigate further.

The second time it happens I see it coming. “What on earth are you doing?” He cackles and flees. By mid-day, they’re both at it, one presumably copying the other.

I am under siege.

Inbetween whiles, I make pertinent enquiries, the whys and wherefores of this developmental trend, to no avail.

I am deeply suspicious.

Surely it's a conspiracy of some vile nature to foil my efficiency quotient for the day.

I notice, quite by chance, that whilst I sit on the carpet with them, I quell any further attacks. As soon as I stand, I am almost immediately struck down.

My 'to do' list calls to me from the kitchen, neglected if not ignored.

When their father walks through the door both the boys pounce on me at the same time, “well done guys!” he beams, “but she’s supposed to fall down, you’ve got to try harder.”

My mouth drops open as he grins as me, “aren’t they doing well?”

This is not a rhetorical question.

“What do you mean? They’ve been attacking me like this all day!
“Not attacking,....... tackling! I taught them last night!”


I think this should have a warning attached = don't try this at home!

If you have a spare 8 minutes, nip along to the "Autism Acceptance Project" to watch a 10 minute video, because life is two short to read two minutes of credits. Then you can nip along to "Estee's" blog and tell her that you too can only count to 7, maybe 8 on a good day, or maybe that's just me?

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