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Monday, September 08, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday - Welcome home

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


From earlier this summer.

This is the room, originally, together with an interloper.

What can I say? It seemed like a good idea at the time. With both the girls gone for two weeks at Summer Camp, I was confident that I could redecorate her bedroom with time to spare.

As they all get older I become bolder, but her choice of red, my own personal favourite, made me baulk. A bedroom should be a place of peaceful repose, not a fire filled incendiary.

We compromised. White walls with dashes of red decor.

What I hadn't calculated, is the amount of help and assistance I would derive from other quarters.

But I digress.

This is the original room, as decorated for her older sister quite a few years ago. Alright, I admit it, a decade. After ten years in this room, it was time for a change.

White walls, a colour that was identified as Swiss Coffee, for some mystifying reason, coated the walls.

All the wooden furniture was painted red.

This only left the carpet.

The carpet, previously owned by the previous owners together with their pets, was a striking shade of pale grey. Pet deposits are difficult to eradicate, hence the pale grey effect was worsened by the splotchy additional patches, a great many of them. A new carpet, any carpet is the single most expensive outlay when it comes to redecoration.

But it was worth it.

It will have to last at least 10 years.

Since there are endless sites and books offering comprehensive advice on decorating projects I shall limit my advice to the following:-

When you make curtains and attach the curtain tape, take care. Oversew the outside edges several times.

Before you pull the gathering strings ensure that you double knot both ends, or you will be sure to unravel. When you pull the gathering strings, pick a point a few inches in from the outer seam because that way you will avoid having an annoying piece of visible dangley string on the edge of your curtain.

Oversewing the edges will ensure that when your children swing from the curtains, the edge will remain secure. It will not weaken. It will not rip. Instead the whole curtain track will crash down on top of your child.

I believe you have been duly warned.

Now I must attend to another lapsed campaign:- is there anything else that we might swing upon, as we surely need a cheaper form of vestibular regulation.

If I decorate one room every decade then I'm probably not doing too badly.


Ruby Tuesday and Cats on Tuesday

Look closely!

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