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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Staying power - Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Maddy's Mayhem

I have wanted to try the Thursday Thirteen for quite a while, but I was never able to think of thirteen anythings, as 3 is usually about my limit. Then, as if by chance, a foolish therapist suggested that we should adopt a new campaign to improve our quality of life. I baulked at the suggestion and she queried my resistance, "but we already have a zillion campaigns on the go as it is, I couldn't possibly squeeze in another, something might go pop!" I could see that she was doubtful and so I began a lengthy list of the current ongoing campaigns. I expect they are very similar to most parents' campaigns.

1. Sharing and taking turns. All children are subject to this arbitrary peace making attempt by parents.

2. Use your words! Preferable to screams and or meltdowns.

3. The speech therapy practice of the 'th' sound, very common for small lispy people.

4. When you bump into someone you should apologize. 'Sorry' will do. Purpose? To help with self awareness, or awareness of where your body is in space, as well as a greater awareness that other people also exist on the same rather crowded planet.

5. Change the question 'what it is' into 'what is it?' Plus the sub campaign of referencing back, where the questioner should give a small clue or hint about what the question refers to.

6. Keep clothing on body, this is not a seasonal rule.

7. Eat a new food, preferably within the next 12 months.

8. Tolerate texture and it's sub campaign regarding temperature fluctuations.

9. Volume control. We need some.

10. Before you enter the house put your shoes on the shelf. Enter the house and put your socks in the bucket. Currently this campaign has been ongoing for 4 years with limited if any success despite frequent daily practice. This campaign came into existence out of necessity. I took me too much time to remove six shoes, socks, assorted clothes and backpacks from the doorway and leave the children unsupervised INSIDE the house.

It seemed simpler to teach them this life skill instead. It isn't simpler. My body bars entry into the house as they each attempt these few small steps, verbal prompts, visual prompts all delivered promptly to no avail but at least we are all within the same 6 foot area, and there's safety in supervision.

Four years of the wrong campaign. Instead of adding a campaign I should spend my time thinking through what's going wrong with this one campaign. I could probably claw back an additional twenty to twenty five minutes of time per trip.

11. Do not twiddle and fiddle with your fingers. I am determined to beat this genetic fluke before our household is devoid of buttons, door knobs, tags, labels etc..

12. Modulation and regulation in everything. This roughly translates to 'all things in moderation.'

13. Speech and social skills campaign to continue to use compliments and kind, positive words, whenever possible. "I am lovin yur red eyes" doesn't strictly count.

In reality, there are many more, but those were the few that I could think of as I hopped from one spot to another in the waiting room at therapy, whilst herding the troops to remain within the confined space.

So that would be try, try, try again......I suppose?

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