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Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Five good things

My "sensitive" little pal sends out a challenge.

Hers is five really good things, but I think I can only manage marginally good things depending upon the time of day!

'Good things' always makes me thing of Martha Stewart, which is always daunting.

Five! No longer a challenge.

I only usually go up to three and that's on a good day. But now I've done 18 I feel as if I've graduated.

If we're supposed to link then you may be out of lucky as I'm a bit technically challenged, otherwise....

1. fresh cranberry sauce with grated orange [sorry Thanksgiving aftermath]
2. newly mown grass, assuming I didn't have to mow it myself
3. the smell of ironing [reminds me of my mum, as I'm allergic to ironing myself]
4. freshly baked bread just before it comes out of the oven and has filled the whole house with wafts of yeast [especially if I'm warming it up from the supermarket rather than having to make my own because I'm a bit lazy like that.]
5. WD40 because that means nothing will squeak and be annoying.

I've just realized that those are all smells! I must be hungry or something [but not for the WD40, just for the peaceful break of a snack.]

Now surely just about anyone can do five, especially if you're the lazy type that didn't manage to conjure up a list of things that you're thankful for for Thanksgiving! Oops, that would be me of course. Let me know when you list. Perhaps you could do 5 good things using a different sense? Or one for each sense? See how helpful I am being.

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