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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Percolation time

Today I am also over "here" at "5 Minutes for Special Needs Moms."

We’re late, me and my shadow, but I drop it off in any case, together with a quick apology, “I’m sorry it’s a bit late but I was a bit tied up at home.” I hear he little gasp, the sharp intake of breath but I’m in a hurry so I pay him no heed. So many things intervene, overlap and pass over. It is only later, much later, when I am buried in yet more things that the questions trip out in quick succession for me to thread them back to the source.
“Yes dear?”
“Who what?”
“Who it did?”
“Who did what?”
“Dah bad fing?”
“Which bad thing?”
“Tied you to home?”

p.s. if anyone knows how to switch off the Hindi trans-iliteration function on blogger, I should be most grateful, another accident. It is disabled but oddly, it is still works. I'm on a Mac so I couldn't use this function in any case.

Pop over "here" at "5 Minutes for Special Needs Moms" as I shall be on my holidays for the foreseeable future.

Cheers dears

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