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Sunday, July 26, 2009

I like Tiny

Hosted by "Tracy" at "Mother May I," but the photo-picture below will whizz you right there with one click.

Just call me snap happy.

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My children's life, school life, is enhanced by the professional expertise of wise persons. The wise persons at their school are able to tap into their talents and extract similar abundance from the children, not just mine but all the other unique little individuals.

Recently it was my son's turn, he with an eye for the minutiae of life, in all it's glory. His pockets are always full of teeny, tiny, essential precious things. [when they're not lost!] Hence all the children wrote lists of tiny things

and then drew a picture of one of the tiny things:-

Of course one of the other things that he's frightfully keen on is long handled things but I imagine that's a bit more difficult to manage in a school setting. What a pity those long rulers, belts and whips have been phased out.

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