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Monday, December 24, 2007

Awards for Friendliness

"tegrib92" over at "The Brewer Family" And Miles to go before we sleep,' recently experienced blog award over load. As a result, and being a generous spirited kind of a person, she very kindly gave me two. An all time first around this neck of the woods, although the woods around her place seem so much more attractive.

It therefore gives me the chance to return the favour to some blogs that beetled about who are far more friendly.

First there is "Josie 2 Shoes" over at "Picking up the Pieces." Josie has introduced me [in full technicolour] how complicated family life can be as well as illustrating the strength to come to terms with the past and forge ahead despite the odds.

Also to "Jocelyn" at "O Mighty Crisis" where she enjoys the delights of of family life with an arresting prose style that I for one, thoroughly enjoy.

Always a friendly spot, "Mom NOS" at "Mom Not Otherwise Specified," is sure to welcome you all with open arms, and a cheerful, thought provoking approach.

Also to "For What It's Worth" who struggled with many of the same issues that we are coping with, but with a far better attitude, of course.

"Dantesinfernowithchildren" is another great place to visit, but make sure that you have cleaned your bifocals because it's one of those teeny tiny font sites.

I also nip along to the "Phantom Scribber" on a regular basis even those her postings are less regular than they once were, I have overcome my frustrations by adding her to my google feed reader. Maybe I'm not as technically challenged as I once was!

Also to "Dori" over at "The ups and Downs of our Life" where a mum's dedication to her family always leaves me in awe of her patience and gratitude.

So I'll stick with my usual 7 for the time being as I struggle to play catch up.

Happy Holidays from the Aliens

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