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Monday, July 06, 2009

How to make your own Votive hurricane lantern

Yes, this is not so much a ‘get organized’ post as a ‘have a daily do-able activity for the children’ post.
You will need:-
A jam jar
A tea light
An old wire hanger
Narrow gauge [easy to bend] wire
Wire cutters
Beads or chopped up drinking straws as a substitute and even more 'green' beads.

Thread the beads onto wire and secure each end so they don't fall off.

Cut a length of wire long enough to go all the way around the rim of the jar and make a handle.

Thread the beads onto the long wire first and then secure around the rim and fashion a handle.

Pop the tealight inside and voila. Make sure you hang it in a safe place as is does get very hot which is why a longer handle is better. Hang far away from anything flammable.

Children need a lot of help with this one but motivation is pivotal. The motivation here has nothing to do with making a craft or creating something pretty and function. It's all about the motive, namely, although you may not immediately recognize it, you have just made a 'moth attractor.' Now you may experience the true joy of sitting in the garden in the semi darkness with your moth attractor and children and a great many flying insects, some of which might be moths but I'm sure the majority of them are mosquitoes.

Parents are advised to sit on their hands as swatting "nature's friends" is likely to prove counter productive. The lawyer in me would describe this activity as an "attractive nuisance."

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