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Friday, January 18, 2008

Fri - True Blue Blogging Award

Creative "Karen" over at "art in the Garage" has kindly given me this True Blue Blogging award.

The True Blue Award for being a "true blue blogging friend"...

And now I get to pass this award on to other blogger friends, wonderful people who have praised me, helped me see where I am going, encouraged me, and inspired me. I could never have imagined how many wonderful people there are out there--

First to "Crystal Jigsaw" and her piece here on her "water baby" amongst many "others." It is strangely reassuring to know that we have the same massive laundry crisis although for entirely different reasons.

Then to "Kim" for many different reasons, especially her plot to irritate "nuns."

Also to "Fluttercrafts" at "Dark and Divine," even though I'm never quite sure how to describe her blog or title the maverick little devil. Whilst my days of dating are long past, I suspect that there is many a chap out there who might benefit from her "sage advice."

Then to "Beach Mama" over at the "J's" who always gives me pause for thought, not only because we enjoy an addiction to beaches. I should warn you in advance that Jodie is a rare wee little beastie indeed, that's Scottish for plush animal. You know how you write in a blog, readers read your blog and then if you're really lucky someone might write a comment on your blog, in the comments section? You're familiar with that particular scenario? Well let me tell you that Jodie has her comments turned off, permanently. I thought this was an oversight at first, but no, it really is true, no comments. Can you imagine? I'm tempted to bleat 'does not commute' but being the technophobe that I am, I should expose myself as a liar. On the other hand, I think I can say with complete confidence, that she's done this deliberately to annoy me and wrest the last vestiges of sanity away.

Now "Robin" is a woman who speaks her mind over at "Around the Island." She helps keep me on my toes with her sharp wit and razor sharp mind.

Also to "jac" at "six impossible things." Creative and urbane, how can one resist the reference to the Lobster Quadrille?

Coincidentally, I'm going to tag "Karen" over at "art in the Garage," as her creativity always leaves me in my tracks. I am seriously debating whether I could get away with hiding in the back of her garage, but my burglary skills are a little rusty.

I can hardly pass by without mentioning "Drama Mama" over at "Like a Shark." The sheer variety of her posts always keeps me on my toes.

The last few weeks have been a little crazed around here, but I promise to do better soon. I would mention in passing that I have been blogging for just over a year now. The first time someone mentioned my little blog in their blog, I practically keeled over on the spot. I was immensely pleased for some unimaginable reason that I still can't fathom. Pleasure evaporated quickly when I realised that I was incapable of returning the favour due to inadequate bloggy skills. I am now even more immensely pleased to be able to pass it on.

Cheers dearies

Oh and if you need a giggle over the weekend then you might like to nip on over to my other site "Alien" to read "The Kindness of Women."

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