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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bloggers of the world Award

"Deb" over at "Canvas Grey" has very kindly given me this award. Thank you "Deb".

I should also point out [I think?] that this was started by "Colin."

Possibly I should link to "Colin" here, but I'm a little technically challenged on the directions!

As we already know part of this award means passing it along to others and so I’d like to award to the following:

First to "Kelley" over at "Magneto Bold Too." A strange name? Something to do with magnets maybe? Good guess, I'll give you that, but not at all. Instead we have a blog where the host has enough energy and humour to drag us all out of our beds in the morning. Personally I think she's turbo driven by chocolate, if you can call "Clinkers" chocolate. But what do we foreigners know anyway! If you're wondering where to start, I would suggest this post called "rule 34 and clinkers." This helps with blogging techniques and is fueled by clinkers.

We would also nip along and visit "Bonbon Mamma" at "Is this what you do all day." Somehow I feel that should have a question mark after it, but that's me just being picky. If anyone ever asks me that question, I shall have my own answer fully prepared 50 page response in triplicate. I'm uncertain whether Bonbon Mamma is fond or sweets or is just so much 'gooder' than the average, but you can decide for yourself by visiting her posting titled "I'll be playing here all week," because somehow at the bottom of it all, we're really all aiming for the same thing as parents, but we need to have a giggle whilst we're doing it.

On the whole, I try and avoid healthy people like the plague. If I'm allergic to exercise then if I get too close to one of those types I'm sure I'd break out in a rash. So saying, I keep bumping into people who are determined to wear their bodies out at twice the usual rate by running around until their legs are but mere stumps. "Lori" at "Spinning Yellow" is just such a one. If you are similarly inclined, be that a rabbit type like "Lori", or a slug type like me, you may find this post inspiring, called "Least you think," although I think she meant 'lest,' or maybe not come to think of it! I found it inspiring in theory, but I was sitting down when I read it, felt completely exhausted thereafter and promptly fell asleep.

A new one for me is "Mid Lifer" at "Navigating a midlife crisis" I wonder why this hits a chord for me as I am so past mid life myself? If you have not visited before, then her post here called "Dad" might be a good place to start.

"Kaber" over at "All about [my] boys" is one of those stunningly efficient people that leaves me gobsmacked. I could no more homeschool a child, mine or anyone else's, than I could ride a unicycle. Homeschooling or not, you're sure to find a few good tips that will come in handy such as this post here called "Dirigibles." I mean how can you resist!

Now last night I was watching a 'whodunnit' on the telly. I was distracted from the main plot by an actor who pointed out that there is no such thing as a one dimensional person, except in pure mathematics. Why do they drop these little brain teasers in I wonder? Anyway, the point was that at worst you can be 2-D but in reality, most people are multi dimensional. Some bloggers choose to show one facet of their lives, but everyone is a diamond cut. One little gem is
who blogs away at "Life with my x men," and a good place to start would be here in her post titled "Antithesis of watching superbowl." Naughty, naughty, naughty!

Lastly we come to "Robin" from "Around the Island." I think everyone already knows "Robin" who is a superb hostess. What you may not already know, is that Robin doesn't live on an island, she's completely land locked. It's another one of those cunning bloggy tricks to tease your brain. Her island if firmly cemented in the centre of her kitchen. Just for now, I'd recommend this post called "the thing about traveling."

Tel Aviv anyone!

Cheers dearies

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