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Friday, February 29, 2008

Awards- banana award

"Veronica" from "Some Day we will Sleep" was kind enough to send me this banana award for blogging yumminess! Whatever next? I am so far behind with awards business that I discovered that I have several from last year in my drafts folder, such a soggy blogger that I am.

Still, not to worry, it's never to late to tidy up, re-date and start afresh.

So then, bananas, who would like some? I think perhaps I shall point you in the direction of a new blogger who de-lurked. Who is this person? Well this sneaky little devil has been reading here for a while but only yesterday plucked up the courage to comment! Whoo hoo and positive feedback for de-lurking must indeed to encouraged and reinforced. So first of all to "The excavator" at "Dark Matter Energy" Now don't worry, she's not blogging about science as that would be far too difficult for me to digest, nor does she blog about bananas. A good place to start would be over here on her post called "Dog training" for all you puppy lovers.

Also to "The Canvas Grey" and her optimism. There are so many great posts on this blog that it's difficult to choose just one, but a good all rounder would be her post called "Choices, Perceptions and the pursuit of Happiness." Also if you are new to blogging then this is a very "useful page" that I could have done with back in the day, called "How this blogging stuff works."

Then to "Miss Nelson" at "Meaningful Outcomes" as educators have a special place in my heart. There are loads of practical tips and insights here but a good place to start if you have any children is her post here called "Play dough Recipe."

Also to "Her Bad Mother" and this post called "How to lose your confidence as a parent," because it doesn't matter who we are or what we're dealing with, there are always times when hic-cups occur.

Then I'd like to [im]plant this on "Jessica" from "Oh the Joys" as she may be feeling a little neglected as she hasn't had any awards for ages! I think everyone already knows "Jessica" but if she's new for you then this post called "Beaver's Mom Saves the World " would make a introduction.

Now here's another interesting blog called "Emergiblog" where "Kim" slaves away as a professional nurse. I know we all things that our own lives are far more stressful than anyone else's but I can hardly imagine the stress of such responsibility. However, more than that, in this particular post called "Torched and Scorched - recognizing burn out," she gives us all a heads up about how to notice when things are going awry.

Also to "Beck" at "Frog and Toad are Still Friends." Funny how we bloggers always end up in the same spots? Anyway, in case this happens to be unfamiliar territory for you, then you might like to start here at her posting called "Shriven" because you just can't be too careful sometimes.

Cheers dearies

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