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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Madz Skills Award

Yes by golly. "Kami" over at "camichoas" or "Mommified Me" has very kindly given me this spendiferous award.

I have an especial regard for Cami because beastly people would moan how difficult it WAS to load her blog - no longer I might add. No-one moaned to me about my blog not loading, because they could never load it! But now longer.

As Cami says:-
"Lately I've noticed that a few of my bloggy friends are some pretty talented people both on the internets and off.

That's right. I pay attention.


What I really want to do is honor those of you who are really good at some crazy things with a little award I'm calling 'Madz Skills Award.'

I must say in response that I feel woefully inadequate for such an award as I sorely served in the special skills department. That said if 'addictive read' counts, then my pals have oodles of that particular quality.

So first up is my jolly good pal "Almost American" especially for this "international post."

Also to "Melissa" at "Mejojac's Memos." Hers is a thoroughly unique blog. Every time I nip along to a visit, I have to double check that I'm in the right spot as her superb bloggy skills means that she is always changing her template, presumably just to annoy me. Let's just say that I plan to extract a person tutorial out of her soon.

Then to "Burfica" at "Don't eat the Tomatoes," as we share a similarly warped sense of humour. I'd particularly recommend this post titled "Goodbye 17th."

Also to the irresistible "Bipolar Lawyer Cook," that's a real title, I didn't make it up. "Erica" has a very irritating habit of writing lots of teeny tiny post to confuse my new google reader skills, but every once in a while she takes pity on my and posts something like this to keep me coming back for more, especially now that she has a brand, spanking new site. I'd recommend "Grace Personified," for anyone else who has a tendency to trip over their own feet.

Then to "Bloggerific" himself, how spendiferous, over at "Your packaging sucks,". Personally I would recommend this post titled, "From this town series," because if you are an adult now, and you might be, this will confirm that sometimes the little things that you do or don't do, say or don't say, may have a lasting effect.

Number six is a curious one, a reluctant one for me because the man is one of those weird hybrid people, you know the kind, the kind that runs. I never know what is wrong with these people who insist on speeding up their lives by haring around wearing out their legs under the excuse, mis-placed, of health. Yes, "Terry" over at "Planet3rry," is determined to make us all feel guilty, or possibly just relieved that we don't have to join in! I cannot in all fairness recommend one of his 'running around like a chicken' posts, so instead I'll happily and heartily recommend his post "Wow." If you are old and crumbly like me, then you should definitely read http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifthis.

Lastly for "Isabel Mori" over at "Change Therapy."
Yes if you need psychobabble demystified and translated then this is the woman for you, especially this post although I am unable to say dysfunctional family without giggling.

Cheers dearies

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