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Friday, October 31, 2008

Left of centre and straight on til morning

Slurping Life

“What is that smell Maddy? Is it your perfume?”
“Yes. I put it on especially, as I knew you were coming.”
“Ah, no time for a shower then?”
“Hmm one of those days, you know me so well.”
“What’s it called?”
“I’m not sure. It’s some hooch my Mum gave me for Christmas.”
“Do you have the bottle?”
“Yes, but I’ve lost the cap and there isn’t a label.”
“Perhaps we could guess. I know it smells……..oddly familiar?”
“Nothing smells like the original on me. My mum used to wear Blue Grass. I loved it on her. She gave me some as a gift when I was a teenager. I thought I was sooo grown up, but after a few minutes there was this horrible stink. It’s didn’t agree with my body chemistry, smelled more like gnat’s piss.”
“Gnats piss, gnat’s piss, gnat’s piss.”
“Oh dear. He’s been so quiet I forgot he was there for a moment.”
“Not much gets past him does it! I know, how about we all think of a name for your Mummy’s perfume?’
“Hmm that’s a good idea? You guess first then?”
“Ooo let me think a moment Maddy….how about....... Maddy Mystique.”
“Ooo I like that. That one definitely gets my vote! Now lets see if I can think of anything better………Muck de Madeleine.”
“Not quite the essence we’re looking for.”
“What about you dear? Do you want to have a guess? Can you think of a name for my perfume?”
“Er……Hoochy Mamma.”

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