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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ding, ding, ding, [England is evil 7]

It’s not that I’m ignoring him, more like not paying attention. He’s happy, playing, why break the spell?

“Ooo you had a good idea! Ding!” What a sweet adorable child. I wonder how long this one will last? I continue to make supper as the light fades. The minutes tick by as he continues with his new mantra, “ooo you had a good idea! Ding!” I can see him flit from one soft toy to another to repeat the same phrase out of the corner of my eye. Little gem. He darts between his brother and sister. She swats him like a fly but he's back to the soft toys in a ceaseless circuit of energy.

Where has this sudden good humour come from I wonder? Where has ‘England is evil’ gone? Ah the innocence of youth.

When I snap on the light in the kitchen I notice the gloom in the sitting room. I step in and reach for the table light but the darned thing is fused. “Ooo you had a good idea! Ding!” I look across to see him with the light bulb in his hand.

Light fingered Leviathan!

Still, it's an improvement on "last year."

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