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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mono Metamorphosis - sex education required

“I am unisex, I am unisex, I am unisex,” he chants for no particular reason that I can fathom.
“What do you mean dear?”
“I am meaning dat I am being part cat.”
“Oh yes, I remember the ‘part cat.’”
He is being dah part dog.”
“Is he indeed. I wondered why he was growling. What’s the er......‘unisex’ bit?”
“Uni is be meaning one.”
“Gosh yes, I know that too. But…..er…….?”
“Only one part is being dog or cat, so it be ‘uni.’”
“Yes true……I was just wondering…..about the…..which part……bit…….er….?”
“Dah mouth is dah sex part.”
“Really……that is a surprise.”
“Yes coz his dog mouth eats bones only bones, uni.”
“Ah, I see….and?”
“My mouth, my cat part only eats dah goldfish.”
"Um.......I fink I am have dah wrong word."
"Oh good. I mean.....really?"
"I am not mean 'sex' I am mean 'species'!"
"Wow, easy to get those two muddled."
"I am uni-species!"
"But if you're part cat and part human wouldn't that be duo?"
"Bye, bye, bye, bye......." shrieks as he runs away before he pops back to clarify, head around the corner, "I am bi-species......dats what I am?"

He grins hugely before disappearing just like a Cheshire cat.

I sometimes wonder?

My child is seemingly "monophagous" upon Goldfish crackers.

I should take him over here:-


"Andrea" over at "Andrea's Buzzing About:"

[I got it right in the end! What a pain in the colon!]

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