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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

“Aha. There you are. Back on track?”
“I’ve gotta say it, that is a much better photo than usual, for you anyways.”
“Well thank you. I’m rather partial to it myself.”
“So I take it that I’m looking at some kind of triumph?”
“So I’m on my own?”
“Give it your best stab.”
“No clues?”
“Um…..it’s really three triumphs.”
“Three! So that’s the one the little guy that ‘doesn’t eat food’ right?”
“Spot on.”
“Hmm. Child holding potato and potato peeler, wearing a contractor’s hat. He’s over his food issues and planning a future career as a chef.”
“Ooo now you’re teasing.”
“He’s starting to make his own fries?”
“Certainly a step in the right direction.”
“My guess or his actions?”
“He’s the one that doesn’t like how things feel?”
“What a great memory you have.”
“Let me put my thinking cap on. So how does a potato feel, or how would it feel if I were him?”
“I am so impressed.”
“You know, I don’t think I would like how a potato feels.”
“He certainly doesn’t, in fact I don’t think he’s ever held a potato before.”
“You know, I think there is probably only one thing worse than holding a dirty old potato.”
“Holding a wet peeled potato.”
“Genius. You have missed your calling in special ed!”
“O.k. So that’s one. Let’s see if I can figure out the other two.”
“You go girl!”
“Lets see. A potato peeler…….is a tool……which is the same category as pencils…and therefore hated.”
“You’re so good at this.”
“I’m getting the hang of it.”
“The added thing here that you can’t see, is that it’s also in the category of knives which is the subcategory of ‘things that can kill you.’”
“Ah the OCD thing?”
“Very scary. So he really is being brave.”
“Exceptionally so.”
“Three. The last bit. Hmm. Well I notice that he’s dressed, that’s gotta be a triumph?”
“Ooo well done. I missed that bit.”
“Huh! So you’re saying really we’re looking for a fourth?”
“It would appear so.”
“Well all that’s left is the hat.”
“Hat? What about the hat? No. Don’t tell me, I’m almost there.”
“Hat, hat, hat. I remember, he’s the one that has his head off limits, can’t brush his hair or be touched above the shoulder!”
“That’s him.”
“Geez! So wearing something on his head, willingly presumably, is like the icing on the cake!”
“Great analogy.”
“How did that happen?”
“Practice, lots and lots of practice. The head thing is always a tricky one.”
“How come?”
“Because it can flop either way. Sometimes he wants to protect his head by covering it with something and other times he can’t tolerate anything near him, it’s sort of the flip side of the same coin. You’ll see some children who are all bundled up at the height of summer and others in the buff in the middle of winter.”
“What I find curious is that it doesn’t seem to be static, it sort of changes over time, as they grow.”
“You know Madz, to be honest, when we first started to do this, I thought you were a nut job, but as it turns out, it’s not really that difficult.”
“We need more people like you Ms. WW.”
“Thank you.”

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