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Monday, May 18, 2009

Green Capitalists - step by step guide

How to make paper flower pots from newspaper and then further exploit the enterprise.

This idea was originally from my chum "DJ Kirkby" on her post over "here" but I decided to steal it from her to provide her with the opportunity to sue me for copyright infringement. They're a litigious lot those Brits.

1. You will need a PVC pipe of the right diameter [small, medium, large] a cutting tool and some newspaper.

2. Chop the pipe to the desired height that you want your pot to be.

3. Turn the newspaper diagonally and fold in half for extra strength.

4. Fold over again to the same height as the pipe.

5. turn over the paper and roll the length of the strip around the pipe.

6. several time until you have a couple of inches of tail left.

7. fold upwards.
8. Tuck in the other end, squish it, to form the bottom.

9. tuck in the top tail between one of the folds.

10. Voila! Pots for free.

11. Make loads in advance ready to fill whenever you come across an errant seeding.

This was, necessarily, a joint family enterprise to take account of different people's skills and limitations. Those who were paper averse in the tactile defensiveness department relied upon the fine motor skills of their sister to help fashion the pots.

Then is was the boys' turn to identify the seedlings in the garden. It's easy enough to spot different coloured flowers but it's far more taxing to identify teeny tiny little green plants and to differentiate between them. However with a handy aide memoire clutched in their hot little puds, this too turned out to be easy peasy. Laminate both sides because you know it's going to get muddy and soggy.

N.B. make one for each child to avoid hic-cups.

Then all you have to do is wait a couple of weeks for the seedlings or cuttings to settle in.

After that teach the basic principles of capitalism to your socialists who pocket money is apparently deficient.

Then sit back and watch the competition clean up with baubles for the magpies amongst us.

N.B.B. This post is brought to you via the ability to enjoy outside play.


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