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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thursday 13 - 164:- how to plan a successful date night

Thirteen Things about planning a successful date night

1. Book baby sitter 3 weeks in advance.
2. Write cheat sheet for baby sitter, copy three times, laminate, place in kitchen and children’s bedrooms to avoid slip ups.
3. Write "social stories" to explain the concept of baby sitting.
4. Brief children in advance of impending night out. Reinforce ‘joy of babysitting’ with aforementioned social stories.
5. Role play 'baby sitting.' Utilize Pokemon as the babies.
6. Write both cell phone numbers on business sized red card stock, laminate and stick in prominent position in each and every room.
7. Carefully remove the word ‘abandonment’ from their vocabulary and reinforce ‘third party thoroughly responsible and much more fun Respite Worker.’
8. Book back up baby sitter two weeks in advance.
9. Re-write all "social stories" and erase the word ‘baby’ from every page. Replace with the word ‘child.’
10. Note absence of all Pokemons. Find alternatives within the next 24 hours for further reinforcement and practice.
11. Persuade Warrior to step into the breach if plan A babysitter and plan B babysitter should fail.
12. Re-write all "social stories" and erase the words ‘sit,’ ‘sitter’ and ‘sitting.’ Replace with the words ‘care,’ ‘carer’ and ‘caring.’ Role model ‘caring for children’ by third party. Remain standing throughout the exercise although bending is permitted. Substitute Webkinz as the objects of care.
13. On the night in question, leave house and children in care of Warrior and drive to movie theatre to watch something. Resist temptation to leave cell phones in car. Switch to vibrate. Lock car. Note rear seat is full of Pokemon and Webkinz.

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