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Monday, September 29, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday - menu plan

Try This Tuesday

Formulate Plan A

In these financially stricken times, we need to tighten our belts and plan ahead. One way to get to grips with dwindling money supplies, is to stock up, stand up and design a fool proof menu plan for the week ahead. This should prevent marketing mishaps in the store.

The easy bit is to make the plan.

The difficult bit is sticking to the plan.

One way to stick to your plan, is to publicize it by sticking it somewhere prominent, such as the fridge door, either written in stone or alternatively on a disposable, wipe sheets with magic markers. Magic markers ensure that everyone is briefed in advance, but if you accidentally find that you have scoffed all the potato salad whilst the children are at school, you can easily substitute ‘green’ or ‘rice’ salad and no-one will be any the wiser.

You of course will be much wiser, but possibly penny foolish. As the pounds pile on together with the potato consumption, you may well find that you may benefit from shedding a few surplus purchases from your weekly shop. I make it a habit to check my receipt at the check out. If any item cost's more than $10, then I make a mental note to refrain from buying that item ever again. This is why we currently out of toilet rolls.

Ideally you should plan to shop immediately after consuming the potato salad. Make sure that you visit a shop with a restroom, so that you may take advantage of their copious supplies of toilet paper.

Psychological studies have shown that a shopper with a full tummy is much less inclined to shop under impulsive, although possibly under the influence. Other studies have shown that if you are full of potato salad, there is a much higher incidence of tummy cramps, which is directly related to one’s ability to push a trolly ladened with groceries. Further studies indicate that these same shoppers are far more likely than not, to be ‘basket’ users, if not basket cases. Basket cases usually restrict their purchasing power to one sack of potatoes, so that they are better able to repeat their mistakes and go completely off their trollies.

Hence, these few little steps may assist, the props and prompts of menu planning.


Multi purpose, re-usable and self re-inforcing.


Use a permanent marker for the title and days of the week.
For the details use an Expo.


Sometimes it is possible to be extra sneaky and slip in some therapy on the side.

Although this kind of a challenge is not for the faint hearted. Be careful to ensure that nose pegs are freely available for all participants.

4. Under the current democratic rule, everyone is encouraged to take responsibility.

When you consume the last item in the box, add to the shopping list. Be independent! Take full responsibility as a participating member in the clan.


Colour co-ordination may help with eye tracking to deliniate different 'parts' of the meal.

There are a great number of fringe benefits to this system. First and foremost, the numerous enquiries from every living breathing member of your household:-

What's for supper/dinner?

This is swiftly dealt with by directing their attention to the plan. This is especiallly helpful if you exist in a swarm of butterfly brains who forget the answer only seconds later, only to then repeat the same question at 20 minute intervals thereafter.

Beware of self expression!

and editing!

It is important to clarify the difference between 'wants' and 'needs.'

I am now off to formulate plan B. Maybe I should have done that first?

Cheers dears

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