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Friday, April 24, 2009

Interlopers and the Extras

Slurping Life

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Whilst she is away, roughing it at Science Camp......

meanwhile the boys........

camp out in the lap of luxury.

And in an "Extra" today "Barbara" is hosting an event, a "Spring Blog Carnival" which asks the question:-

'how you have arranged your home to enhance your child’s development?'

I believe this is a button / link free event but I'll post a box at the bottom just in case you would like to contribute your thoughts and opinions.

This is a difficult question to answer thoroughly mainly because it is constantly changing.

For instance the six foot, blue wedge which entirely covered the family room floor now currently resides in the spare room, along with the trampolene and the L-shaped sectional. This is because my children are much bigger than they once were and need a lot more romp room.

In truth it is less used than it once was because now my children can romp outside as well as inside, something I couldn't even imagine this time last year, as outside was also out of bounds for my little hot house plants.

In fact the more I think of it the greater the list becomes. I cannot think of an area of our lives that has not been significantly altered from my own personal sleep patterns to the food that we eat. There is not a single spot in our lives that has not changed and keeps changing.

To grasp the depth of these fundamental changes more easily, all we need to do is think of any activity and run it through the lens of the sensory, what we see, hear, touch, smell and taste.

Until last summer we only ever went upstairs to sleep, not at any other time. The children could not be left unsupervised for more than a minute, maybe two.

Our house is still full of schedule boards, PECs, wipe boards and timers, as they provide scaffolding support even though their speech has improved dramatically.

We have tick down charts for every major event even if the major event is something as minor as a puppy training class.

We have labels and other charts in the most surprising places that cover the most trivial of matters. Everything is place at the right height, theirs. I sometimes suspect that our entire house is held together with Velcro.

But the only truly mysterious thing ..... is that they keep growing.

p.s. As if I didn't already have enough to smile about, this afternoon a box arrived amid the triple playdate!

I just love receiving parcels, and I had no idea who it was from except:-

Chelsea and Scott Ltd.


"Able Toys"
and "One Step Ahead."

And everyone was excited about it.

Don't say that they're too old, novelty has a big impact on all children and if they play with anything other than electronics or Pokemon then that's a jolly good reason to celebrate. Thank you "Tammy" you've certainly got you "work" cut out for you.

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