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Friday, April 03, 2009


Slurping Life

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We drive home from school after a quick check of the daily school reports. These notes are invaluable to give a parent a heads up. This lets me know that my older son has exhausted his words bank and that my younger son had a frightfully good day. I encourage frightfully good day to tell us all the details and let the empty bank re-couperate. For some unknown reason there is an excessively high count of "nit wits" on the road, who unfortunately, are also driving. I need to concentrate on his words. I need to concentrate on the nit wits. We pull up to the stop light and another car with open windows. Everyone turns as one and lifts their hands to their ears to examine the occupants, drawn by the 50 decibel musak. We all observe the same thing about this possibly typical family. The driver is a woman who chats on her cell phone, loudly. The small child in the front seat plays with his Nintendo DS. The two larger children in the back seat watch a DVD of cartoons and eat. We drive off with the green light whilst they are still static. I grit my teeth for the inevitable questions:- how come other children are allowed to play electronics when it’s not 5:30, how come other children get to watch the telly any time they like, how come we have to starve in the car for the 7 minute drive home, why do we always have to talk about our day, why do we have to do chores and homework before electronics, …………….but there aren’t any, just a statement,

“I wanna go and live wiv dem.”

Cheers dears

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