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Friday, June 05, 2009

Celebrations all round

Slurping Life

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Yes! Another year older.

So they should have been like this from a "book" called "Hello Cupcake" by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. It was a Mother's Day gift from my daughter, to make my life easier.

Unfortunately they ended up like this!

I'll tell you one thing for free, American cake frosting is ten million times more difficult than fondant. I now need to go on a crash course to identify different American candies. It has taken forever just to work out what a doughnut hole might be. It's a fabulous book.

And please spare a thought and maybe a penny or two for "Judith" and her "Birthday wish."

On another note, if you're into recycling but with an eye on the world, please check out "Green Eyes In Africa" a quite inspiring effort. We looked through our own tatty collection of shoes, both adult and children's. So many of them were way past hope, too awful to donate to anyone, however I chatted with my "daughter" who lived for some while in Mozambique. She explained to her poor half witted mother that anything is acceptable as they can be refashioned and rehashed by those who are motivated. The non-profit is based in "Utah" but you can contact them to find your local chapter.

Lastly and definitely leastly, maybe you could take a wee mo to say something "encouraging" to a little "chap" I know? Once summer gets going and we are free of school we hope to keep track of his creative "endeavours" as we know how to exploit techy types!

Cheers dears

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