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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Adverts for Autism - it’s a dog’s life

Echolalia is a common feature of autism. Quite often it can also be a stim, a self stimulatory behaviour. Some people find this very irritating. I am one of them. However, just as I begin to feel my ire rise, I remind myself of a few pertinent facts. [*]…………..

“And now a word from our sponsors,” he beams as he pirouettes across the carpet on tippy toes.
It’s a heavy burden indeed. Was that a Kansas accent?
“Only $19.99 plus shipping and handling!” he pipes as he careens from trampolene to sofa without missing a beat.
Whatever shall we do? That must be a New York accent.
“Call now while stocks last,” he chortles as he completes a perfect backwards roll.
It’s such a heavy price to pay. That fast talker can’t be Canadian?
“Don’t change the channel coz we’ll be righttttt back,” he hollers as he goosesteps Mario style, rigid as a stick. My fuse seems shorter than usual. I have no idea what accent that is, his range is far too great.
He has more zip and zing than the Energizer Bunny.
This is the true cost my friend. The true cost of a new dog, who seeks out new excitements, no matter how well hidden, a power surging searcher, a sniffer hound that eats the remote control, so we are unable to skip the advertisements.

[*] And to the person who searched ‘methods to stop echolalia,’ I would add……..echolalia has it’s place, especially when someone emerges from the realms of the non-verbal, especially if there is poor or weak muscalature. It’s all great practice. Most of the time it is harmless. Phrases you might prefer not to hear will pass given time. They enjoy it and if you can tune in to their phraseology you may well be able to use this skill to your advantage. This mimicry is also a gift as it can help them pick up on current phrases of their peers…….I could go on………but some people are unlikely to be convinced.

So don't worry if you're running a bit short in the patience department, as an overly developed sense of humour may get just as far.

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