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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Boxing Day - Colours of Friendship

"Jen P" over at "What Jen Finds Out" is determined to drag me up the blogging learning curve and has kindly passed on this token of friendship. I refuse to write all that mushy stuff about relationships as I might split my stiff upper lip.

Traditionally, in other parts of the world, Boxing Day means that trades people who have helped maintain your household and sanity throughout the year, pop around to collect their tips, where the homeowner has the opportunity to show their appreciation for other people's hard work and support.

As I look around at the recipients it would seem there are a great many connections already, but there's now harm in spreading it a little further. As I sit here surrounded by small people playing with Pokemon, I can easily pop along to "Chelle" at "Crazy Thoughts," to catch up and share.

Another prodigious blogger is "Holly" at "Fragile X" where the six of them muddle along much the way that everyone else does, especially this one that made me chuckle "today."

Then moving swiftly on to "Haddayr" at "Haddayr's Journal" who manages to keep me on the straight and narrow as we share a similar sense of humour, thank goodness!

Then there is the dauntingly wonderful "Niksmom" over at whose dedication, humour and energy leave me dead in my tracks.

If you fancy changing your perspective a little and altering your focus then I would highly recommend nipping along to "Casdok" at "mother of shrek," her refreshing outlook on life, keeps us all on our toes.

Everyone already knows "Bub and Pie" but now that I have her on my google feed reader I can be a bit more organised. Her antics with her children, juggling career and family life leave me feeling more than a little weary, as I have every admiration for those mums who manage to work outside the home too.

"Like a Shark" is another site where we share many of the same turmoils of indecision. I'm sure all parents struggle with 'what to do' and 'what is the best option' for their children and here we can see that road, wind and turn, twist and circle, but always end up in the foamy crest of a wave.

Also to "Sarah" at "The Nefariouspoo of Sarah [A field trip into Disability Advocacy" as although her plate is full to overflowing, she still finds time to work for others.

Hoping that Boxing day brings you many callers.

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