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Monday, July 14, 2008

Indigo child! [England is evil 9]

“I am liking the English wimmins.”
“Yes indeed. I remember that you told me that.”
“Why did I remember?”
“Why you are not one?”
“Why am I not one what? A woman? I am a woman.”
“No? Lets start again.”
“Why you are not being an English punk?”
“Er……I’m probably too old to be a punk.” Has he never seen an American punk?
“Ah thank you dear.”

Sweet child of mine.
I think?

“No what?”
“You are maybe not er.....um.....nevermind!
“Nevermind! Really. Thank you luvvie.”

Ahh. Bless his little cotton socks. Tolerance personified.

“I am liking the English wimmins punks.”
“Oh good. I don’t remember seeing any actually.”
“Look where?”

He points! Ooo a lovely pointing finger in the direction of…..the horizon…..the path…..some people……..lots of people.....which people....little groups……..some old ladies……one with a blue rinse!

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