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Friday, August 22, 2008

Photohunt = Wrinkled

Yes it's true, once upon a time I did make note cards.

I could send this one now:-

Dear "Poor Mouth"
I have it on reliable authority that
you are out of date.

If you fancy some words, they are over here at my other site "Alien" which I am considering renaming......."The Sandwich Generation."

Brillante Weblog Award

"Isabel" over at "Change Therapy" is a woman that I admire hugely as she does the psychobabble for real! Be assured that if you have a 'problem' which of course we never refer to as a 'problem,' she has the matter covered from every which way and back again.

Awardees, when you receive this post, here is what you are invited to do:

1. add the logo of the award to your blog
2. add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3. nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. add links to those blogs on your blog
5. leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

and here they come.

Drumroll! I shall number them this time merely so that I'll know when I reach 7. Warning! All the following people have very big brains. [Visit with dictionary in your back pocket or prop yourself up on the double OED like me!}

1. To "Emily" at "A Life Less Ordinary" and you'd better believe it! Just ignore the fatty pants.

2. To "Mom - Not Otherwise Specified" at "Momnos" because parents who work out of the home deserve all the awards in the world.

3. To "Kristina Chew" at "Autism Vox" but don't call her proff as that would probably be disrespectful. Do you know why proffs carry those proff bags? For their overflowing brain particles. Can't be seen leaking in front of students.

4. To "Autism Diva" as that "video" needs dusting, but then you can't expect people with lots of letters after their names to be bothered with cleaning, that's my role, to nip round with my feather duster and bird brain.

5. To "Estee" at the "Joy of Autism" but don't phone her as the line is permanently engaged at the moment.

6. To "Abfh" at "Whose Planet is it Anyway" where we can do politics too! Don't be afraid to weigh in with your opinion!

7. Finally to "Oddizms" and I bet you've never seen anything like that before! But I'm always happy to be corrected.

Cheers dears

Comment of the week award

[Inspired by "Scribbit."]

This week goes to "Kathryn" from the "fritters family" from the very aptly named "Seeking Sanity," for her comment on the post called "Well I Never" where she commented as follows:-

'HAHAHA!!! I often catch myself telling the boys no for a reason that makes little sense. My boys must think I'm crazy! ;)'

because really, we're all in the same club.

If you are currently reaching the end of your summer holidays and need a last quick dash to somewhere watery, you can check out her charming post "here," called "The Rosy glow of summer," although I have no idea what the 'psf' means?

And if you need a "visual" giggle, nip along to this "site." Very topical what with the rain in England and the Olympics.

Additional giggles can be found over at "Jayne's" site "Our Great Southern Land." It's quite odd really. Each of her posts are described as "Trivial History" together with the date, this may be accurate but it fails to capture the escapist element when I visit. Trivial just doesn't do it justice. I hope you also enjoy it. Of course you can start anywhere, but this one is "current" and certainly tickled my funny bone, of which I have several, funny bones that is to say.

If anyone can explain the purpose of the 178 pieces of spam that Askimet caught last night, I would be forever grateful?

Lastly, please pop over and enjoy a little ageism and sexism with me at my new blog the "Sandwiched Gene," where I shall be nibbling from time to time.

Cheers dears

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