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Friday, March 06, 2009

Why’s are good and other wasted words

Slurping Life

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“Why?” asks Nonna, without preamble or clue.
“Why what?”
“Why……do dey still go to therapy?”
“Because it helps them.”
“When do dey stop?”
“I have no idea, although a couple of years ago I was there when somebody graduated.”
“Um…….had learned enough skills to be able to cope.”
“No such thing.”

“But why do we have to wash the glasses when they only had water in em Mom?”
“Because your lips were on them. Do you want to drink out of a glass that’s had somebody else’s lips on it?”

“Why what dear?”
“Why……I am have to go to therapy?”
“Because therapy helps you do things that you find difficult.”
“Where what dear?”
“Where is difficult?”
“You said…….it’s lost.”
“Did I? Oh right, ‘find,’ as in lost……I meant……some things are difficult for you to do. Therapy helps make them easier to do and before you ask, speech therapy helps with difficult speech.”
“Yes dear?”
“Don’t put words in my mouth.”

“Yes dear?”
“Why what dear?”
“Why ……he am say……’you’re weird’?”
“Because…….he hasn’t learned that people are different…….life would be very boring if we were all the same………we’d only need two people on the earth if we were all just clones, or maybe only one come to think of it.”

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