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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Anyone for tennis?

I collect the children from school to be immediately buried in half a hundred weight of trees.

What is wrong with these people? Haven’t they heard of the paperless society?

We have the technology, it’s called e-mail.

I am grossly grumpy as I sort through three sets of identical A4 sheets of paper, often with a mere one liner. I concentrate on a huge wad of stapled sheets with class room rules, as rules are made to be broken. I am to review the rules with my son before we pen our respective signature to the contract. My ‘fairness’ antennae are all full tweak and twitching.

My mind begins to “Whitter.”

I wonder if they use natural organic dyes for these papers?

I wonder if they use ground ant bodies for ink? I come to line 5 which reads:-

'All games are ‘open.’ Do not tell another student, ‘You can’t play.’

Game, set and perfect match for the whole school year.

Lucky us.

Of course other people overcome common difficulties in the public school system by "homeschooling" and boy does my hat go off to "them" or rather, I take off my crown, but I'll sure be careful not to sit on the pointy jewels.

The days are so short, but there's always time for a "snack."

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