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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You're a what?

I assumed that the joys of "Longleat" had passed him by completely, but after a few days I find out otherwise.

Every time the bell strikes and I have a moment to draw breath, I find him teetering around on one leg, ballerina style.

"What are you doing dear? You'll do yourself a mischief if you're not very careful!"
"I am be do my exercises."
"Really! Maybe you could try a safer position?"
"No. I am need."
"So I can be do dis!"
"What is that.............exactly?"
"It is being .............. exactly....... er........
.... up-side-down double horned Rhino."

I'm hiring him out as a sideshow at Longleat next year to undermine the "ungulates."

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