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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Daily Constitutional[s]

We walk as a family, together with our dog, Thatcher. We meet and greet neighbours, old ones and new unfamiliar ones. People are friendly and make complimentary remarks about our puppy.

My children offer pertinent pieces of information in return:- that he has fur, even between his toes, that the end of his tail looks like a teasel, that his poop is bigger than cat poop because he is much bigger than most cats, that the tough pads on his feet mean that he doesn’t need to wear shoes, that he smells really bad, but not as bad as the first day he arrived.

Each little nugget of information is of equal worth.

People seem both amused and bemused in return.

By the time we dawdle back home, these cumulative exchanges appear to have percolated their psyche.

“Yes dear?”
“I like Fatcher.”
“Oh good. I’m glad you told me that dear.”
“Yes……......now we have a dog…….….people think we are more entertainment value.”

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