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Friday, May 02, 2008

5 things meme

"Delilah" over at "Floating in Space" tagged me for the five things meme. People with better memories that "Delilah" will know that I only did this last week, but fortunately I have a very capacious handbag and I can pick a different room just like "she" did, little rule breaker!

I'm still disappointed that no chaps stepped up on their stilettos and claimed to be bag owners, but I can live in hope and give them all a second chance. Surely there are other people out their with aspirations to match Eddie Izzard?

5 [more] things in my bag

1. Palm pilot with flat battery that refuses to sync.
2. Camera. Never leave home without it, battery always charged.
3. Digital voice recorder. Never leave home without it, battery always charged.
4. Teeny tiny perfume vial. I only wear one kind due to my unique skin chemistry, every else smells like gnat's....
5. Emergency book with broken spine. Currently this is "Send in the Idiots, Stories from the other side of autism," by Kamram Nazeer.

5 favourite things in my room, current room is the family room.

1. a huge sea trunk that belonged to my paternal grandfather. It's covered in labels from some of the destinations he visited. It weighs a tonne when empty. It is full of toys and has a little label on it.

2. The piano that my mother bought for me when I was 11, second hand, an old pub piano complete with ring marks from beer tankards. Five pounds for the piano, ten pounds for delivery.

3. Two huge sugar pine cones that my daughter collected on one of her forays. They are now a permanent fixture as the sugar sap has glued them in place. [Just as well I like them really!]

4. Sliding glass doors on two sides that give me a clear view of my favourite place to play.

5. Two furry creatures who pretend to like our family.

One way or another there appears to be something missing from this meme apart from the 5 people to tag. Shouldn't there be five sections? Never mind I'll make up my own.

5 things that you don't do any more.

1. Quilling
2. Calligraphy
3. Embroidery
4. Cake decoration [sugar craft]
5. Painting

5 Favourite flowers

1. Pelargoniums
2. Freesias
3. Rosemary [ o.k. so it's not really a flower but it must be the most usefully delightful plant in the garden]
4. Grape hyacinths, snow drops, lilies of the valley .....
5. Arum lilies, particularly fortunate as they're associated with funerals at home, but not out here and they grow in abundance.

There we go, now just to tag five people! I'll cheat and take the last five commenters!

"Last Crazy Horn"
at "Odd one out," not "that" should make an interesting read!

Also to "Jams O Donnell" at ""the poor mouth," it's not a fix honest, although I admit I seem to have muddled up the order of the comments.

"Daedalus" from "Stranger than you can imagine," What can I say? Three guys on the run. I suggest you tell us the contents of your grocery bags instead, just a suggestion. That might be far more interesting so that we can type cast you into 'pop tart' guys or organic celery stick chaps.

Can't do "Delilah" as she tagged me in the first place!

Nor "Lime" as I tagged her last week.

Then to "Niks mom" at "Maternal Instincts, Flying by the Seat of my pants."

as if you don't have enough to do already right?

Ah I've figured out what's happening, the comments come by email and don't necessarily match the order on the blog - see I wasn't cheating honest! Then we have to skip those who don't have blogs [yet, is the operative word here I hope!]

Then to "Furiousball" so kick of the training shoes, jogging is so bad for you and grab those four inch heels!

Cheers dears

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