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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Out of the act

With Nonna’s birthday approaching I decide that teamwork is the only way. My daughter and her partner agree to mind the smalls whilst I barricade myself in her bedroom to complete Nonna’s new housecoat. Secrets are a difficult concept to grasp at the best of times but I try anyway.

“So listen guys!”
“My job is to sew. Your job is to keep Nonna out of the bedroom.”
“Because I want it to be a secret. I don’t want her to see what I’m sewing.”
“So it will be a surprise.”
“Surprise is badly.”
“Some people like surprises. Nonna likes surprises. Do you think you could help keep her out……..distract her……something like that?”

I note the blank stares as their sister lures them out into the garden with the far more interesting option of lizard hunting.

After nearly an hour of battling with my ancient sewing machine I am all ready to emerge, triumphant with task completion.

Other people have also achieved task completion or something like that I suppose.

I do not like surprises. Message received, fully understood and executed.

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