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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Her Royal Highness and Pi dish Two

He flits about the house following orders from his older brother, “yes your Highness,” he quips in mid flight, which seems odd for a die in the wood republican.

Only a year ago we had to endure the neverending tirade about the "evils of England" and now all of a sudden he has turned into a serf.

I decide to check his political allegiance.

“Hey sonny jim!”
“I am not dah Jim.”
“True……..so when you called him Highness, did you mean this kind of highness?”

“No dummy. Dat is a wimmins.”
“Of course. You mean this kind of highness, right?”


Did I mention that his big brother grew an inch and a half in less than a month over on "Twitter?"

Lastly, on a final note in response to the "criticism" that the bowls were too 'empty' meaning 'too much blank space,'

I have my final offerings:-

And yes, if I ever get them fired, glazed and fired again, they will be available on Etsy.

Cheers dears

Stop the R word

You can read a full version of the argument at the link below:-

Stop the hate speech: r-word dot org

"ASAN" [Autistic Self Advocacy Network] are working hard to raise awareness of this issue.

You can also nip on over to "Facebook."

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