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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday # 4

Ms. Wordless Wednesday, gets on my case, “really Madeline, it’s all very simple, you post your photograph and do the linky doo dah thing. How difficult is that? You have to cut out the words, that’s why it’s called ‘wordless’ you see?”
“Indeed, verily I am on board with the concept.”
“Then why do you keep doing it?”
“Doing what?”
“Putting words in your ‘wordless’ post?”
“Ah, well that’s because the photo makes no sense unless there are some words to go with it, by way of explanation you see.”
“While we’re on the subject, that photo, the one you choose for today?”
“Well, you might try and choose a photo with a little, hmmmm, how can I put it? Perhaps with a little artistic flair? Something easy on the eye? Attractive? Something a little more than a mere snap?”
“Ah, that's why we need the words.”
“Oh no, not back to the words, can’t you just drop it?”
“Well I’ll try very hard .... next week, but in the mean time, I need to explain this one.”
“Must you?”
“It’s very simple!”
“A photo of three children in a bedroom, simply fascinating.”
“Exactly. They’re in the same room!”
“Would it be rude of me to say ‘big deal!’”
“Oh indeed not. But have you noticed that they’re all occupied with something that doesn’t involve mortal combat or sibling rivalry?”
“Well brothers and sisters play together every day, and fight, it’s what siblings do. All perfectly normal.”
“Most siblings yes, but not mine. Play is new. Playing together or even in close proximity together, is new. This is major.”
“Well, I’m sure we’re all very happy for you.”
“But you’ve missed the biggest bit.”
“Which bit?”
“Do you see it’s a bedroom?”
“There’s a bed in it! What else would I think?”
“Ah yes, but what may not be immediately apparent, is that the bedroom is upstairs!”
“And this is supposed to impress me in some way? We have two story buildings in America you know?”
“But of course. The point is that nobody goes upstairs, ever, without being accompanied by an adult. The usual adult, would be me."
"They're afraid of the dark?"
"It's day time in California, lots of light."
"Ah, true. So what are they afraid of then?"
"Predominantly, being out of visual contact with me."
"Oh yes, I remember that bit now."
"You see, I didn’t take them upstairs myself, or even suggest it. They went up there together, of their own free will. They didn’t run downstairs again as if deamons were on the attack. They played up there together for a full 20 minutes. It’s a new first, a tremendous one.”
“Oh, I get it. How old are they now?"
"Nearly 7, eight and a smidge, and nearly 10."
"Well that’s one less thing to worry about I suppose.”
“True, but they may never repeat it of course, hence the photograph. It provides concrete evidence that it really happened, that I didn’t imagine it.”
“You’re a sad case dearie.”
“Yes, I think I need to fess up to that one.”
"O.k. so one last thing Madz."
"Next week?"
"Keep it simple stupid."
"Every day in every way, I get bloggier and bloggier."

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