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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Awards - Blog friend forever

"Angela aka Andie" over at "Memoirs of a Chaotic Mommy" very kindly gave me this award.

This award is "presented to awesome blog owners who keep their readers excited about their posts. Their blog posts are interesting and worth reading and keep their readers looking forward to each and every post."

How delightful is that? We have experienced a great deal of transatlantic drama of late and I note that I even appear to have mislaid the ability to type, so I'll keep it short of sweet for today whilst I play catch up and work out which continent I'm on.

If you're an artsy type with an eye for beauty then I would recommend that you visit "David Mcmahon" over at "authorblog." I don't know if he would describe himself as artsy, but many of his pictures certainly are, such as this one " a note to follow sew." This old sewing machine, very similar to my own which is battered rather than an antique, makes me grin. He may be able to whip up a fantastic photo but I'm still struggling with my Box Brownie.

There are a lot of bloggers around or fail to take account of foreign readers. An immediate candidate for this would be the "anti-wife" especially in this post "here" which left me quite speechless with fear. What some people put in their mouths is really quite beyond me.

Another place for a good giggle is over at "Jazz" at "Haphazard life." "Here" she has a go at a few pet peeves, don't be put off by the Christmas label, it's still very a funny post labeled as if you need any further proof of how far behind I am!

Clearly we are slithering down the slippery arty slope, in which case it only seems fair to point you in the direction of "Organized Doodles" where you can enjoy a giggle and revel in someone else's creativity, or should that be jealousy? [mine not his I hasten to add] A good spot to start to see if this is a good match for you would be over here in his post titled "grand prize." Why? Because if you're already that talented AND willing to share that talent with someone else, then you'd certainly get my vote for friendship beyond the usual.

Now "Ellen McDermott" over at "Keynoter" enjoys a certain amount of drama in her household as we can see in this post about her family in "beam me up Scotty." But she also falls into the artsy club, a positive tour de force as you can see over here in her post entitle 'Phaffin around' which for foreign readers actually means 'messing or kidding' around. Now that's an art medium we could all have a go at.

As I beetle about the blogosphere I also visit "BetteJo" over at "Bettejosbeadcreations." Creative indeed and generous to a fault, I'd recommend that you start here at her post entitled "10 things," although I really like the "multicoloured ball" explosion too!

Here is one that I've recommended before for obvious reasons, "The Ironic Catholic" always hits the right note for me, but if you're of a cautious persuasion then this joke should still win you over from the dark side, titled "As Minnesota bottoms out."

Then just in case anyone is in need of a baby fix [there are some people like that on the planet] let me be the first to introduce you to "Glorious Gloria" over at "feebeeglee."

Cheers dearies

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