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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Half way there?

And where would that be I wonder? And I wonder a lot. There’s a lot of wonder around because we are currently enjoying an abundant harvest of words and phrases. Complicated words and a lot of pithy phrases. As often as not, it’s quite enchanting. I consider myself to be a reasonable conversationalist, given ideal circumstances, but when the ideal circumstances evaporate I find I am on more tricky terrain. The trouble with conversation is that it is so interwoven with social skills. You can have all the right words but unless you’re good at sewing, the effect can be very patchy, though none the less charming.

So we are busy, early in the morning, when words often flow more freely. I gather the troops for breakfast where a heated discussion ensues regarding the inferior menu. I am in mid sentence when my son interjects, “so mom?” I pause for breath and look at him because his eyes and attention are upon me. Such a treat.
“Yes dear?”
“So…….since we’re on the subject of clay….”
Clay? But it’s such a perfect interruption, just the right tone, just the right bright inflection, flawless. “Meet Claydol!” he flourishes as he whips a Pokemon trading card into my field of vision. Sold to the mum with feet of clay in fluffy slippers.

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