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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thursday 13 - 174 edition

Thirteen Things about Holiday gift disguise

Take a look at the picture of the gift and guess what's inside?


2. Homemade kiddie picture frame. Did you guess right?

3. What about this one?

4. It's a mini book.


6. A golf ball.


8. M & M's stuck on an old CD.




12. CD

13. So what's the point? In these frugal times the gifts may be small or homemade but it can all be made a little more fun and festive without breaking the bank. Also thwarts those who shake and squeeze every package, as there's nothing like a little confusion to bring about a real surprise.

Of course it's also one of the best way to open a gift without having to tackle the wrapping paper, an easy access and unflappable solution.

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