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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is there such a thing as double yuck?

I had them over, [translation = against my will] to three sets of all too willing hands, but I avert my eyes so I do not have to look at the disgusting things. I find it hard to believe that I have shelled out hard cash for these most revolting items. [translation = $3.99 each] I remind myself that it’s all in the cause of therapy. [translation = cheap at the price]

Each child offers thanks in their own unique way.

“Thanks Mom, it’s kinda gross…. but in a cool way!”
“I fink maybe I am liking it a little bit, or maybe not, or maybe…….I don know,” his hands pump the vile thing, which calms him, [translation = just as it is supposed to do] and narrowly avoids a meltdown.
The little one squeezes it tight and offers, “woozy woozy woo! We love you! Yes we do!” by which he means that the therapy toy is a hit.

“I think dey are horrible!” offers Nonna, in her strong Italian accent as she pulls a face. She said out loud, what I thought myself.
“Hey mom! Nonna said a bad word.”

It's always so much better when minds think alike. I think that’s probably a triple yuk, but of course that is merely my own very narrow perspective.

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