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Friday, February 08, 2008

Amazing Awards

"Vi" over at "Village Secrets" has very kindly passed on this beautifully scrolled award.

"Vi" coupled her award posting with an "amazing meme" of past conquests. In the interests of sexual freedom I'm inclined to do likewise, but for reasons of .......logic.........that I can't quite conjure up at this moment, I'll have to decline.

So first up is a blog that I have been reading for a long while although my google reader has messed up my devotion to the "Phantom Scribbler." Her posts are little rays of sunshine. Her post "How much is a million" should guarantee that you have a wistful expression for at least a few peaceful reflective moments.

Into every life.......now here is a blog that is not for the faint hearted. "Suzy" over at "Identity Crisis" takes my breath away with her posts. I never know how to respond. I am fortunate not to have shared or experienced any of the pain that she has, but I always come away knowing that as parents, our responsibility for our children's experiences cannot be taken too lightly. If you are feeling brave, then start at her post titled "Two for a nickel."

Another blog I enjoy very much is "Franky's" blog over at "Frankily yours." I'd like to say that great minds think alike, but clearly her brain functions are of a much higher order than my walnut sized one. A good spot to start to get a flavour of the true
Franky, might be here in her post titled "Me Likey " because we all need to support the green, and don't forget to check the sidebar which clearly says 'fiction / humour.' [except she appears to be missing a 'u,' clearly a typo oversight!

Then to "Rise out of me," for her thoughtful posts. I thought about posting this U-Tube video too, but I was too cowardly [of course!] so that would be a good place to start over here called "Cow." Actually that's a little fib on my part as it's really a wordless wednesday post but we choose not to follow the wordless rules! We have to have our little rebellions.

Also for "Melissa" at "red head Momma" A good place to start would be her post entitled "Lessons from a boy" because it shows what a long way all our children have come and how much we just can't but help celebrate.

Next would be "Angela" at "Memoirs of a chaotic Mommy." [does anyone realise how hard it is for me to write 'mommy' instead of 'mummy,' so next time I get it wrong, bear this failing in mind! So a good place to start for a little fun would be here at her brief post called "Oh me too!" especially if you like cats.

Number seven goes to "Fragile X." Although our 'labels' differ, we share many similar issues, although she manages with considerably more grace than I do. If you think you might enjoy some eye candy then you might like to start here with "this" post.

Cheers dearies

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