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Monday, March 09, 2009

Fox on a stick – how to make your own

Recently on "Victoria’s Stillwell’s" programme, ‘It’s me or the dog,’ on "Animal Planet," they featured an exercise toy for dogs, especially our Labradoodle, Thatcher. This tremendously fun toy is of course completely "unobtainable" and all the stores have sold out. I know you’ll believe me when I tell you that after half an hours viewing, we had to have this toy, and not just for Thatcher the dog. Our dog Thatcher needs two, one and a half hour exercise sessions a day, but with the current rain schedule, this task has fallen solely upon my soggy shoulders. No big surprise there. However, with a little temptation for other members of the family, you too can take a little respite by making your own ‘fox on a stick.’

You will need:-
A flexible stick [not too long or may break or bend]
Duct Tape
Drawer liner plastic fabric
Thick cord
Bungee cord
A strip of furry fabric or old stuffed toy
Bacon grease

First tape the drawer liner fabric to one end of the stick and build it up to fashion a handle for those with poor fine motor skills or elderly persons with other grip issues.

Slip the thick cord through the swivel and duct tape it to the other end of the stick.

Knot one end of the bungee cord to the swivel.

Slip knot the fabric or old toy to the other end of the bungee cord.

Spread a little bacon grease on the furry fabric and introduce the contraption to your dog. Once your dog is in a state of ecstasy over the bacon grease transfer dog and contraption to the garden and whiplash the furry fabric around the lawn and watch your dog revel.

Needless to say, my youngest son who favours long handled things of any kind is almost as ecstatic as the dog.

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