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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thursday 13 # 167

Thirteen Things about how to make an emergency last minute Halloween Costume



All cows may have two udders

1. Take one child with arms fully extended at shoulder height.
2. Measure from wrist to wrist.
3. Buy fabric, fold in half and cut one semi circle halving the measurement in [2].

4. Fold into a quarter and make two slashes to form an X in the centre, adjust size to fit original child’s head size.

5. Cut out circle from the centre and interface with similar sized off-cut of fabric and include an additional slash at the front neck for a snug fit.
6. Hem outer circle.
7. Attach neck closure and decorate as required.

8. Permit brothers to borrow poncho for pretend play.

9. Refuse to make a pair of fake horns for each boy as an accessory.
10. Refuse to make realistic udder as in ‘Back in the Barnyard.’
11. Explain the difference between cows and bulls, again.
12. Refuse to make fake bull accessory.
13. Reconsider reasonableness versus rashness of the udders as a compromise.

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