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Monday, September 01, 2008

Freeze Frame - tackle it Tuesday

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I seem to be getting ahead of myself or possibly a big behind!

We have an appointment at the specialist. At $6 a minute we cannot afford to be late. Every second counts. I make careful advance preparations to ensure that everyone will be on time. Since my children do not do well when hurried, I start well in advance.

We have a number of fairly standard obstacles to overcome; using the bathroom, a certain degree of cleanliness, fully clothed bodies, hand entertainment and or talismen, shoes, enter car, use seat belt.

"Nonna" will remain at home, alone. As a result I deem it fit to add a couple of additional safety precautions. Just prior to departure I shall leave enough spare time to ensure that she has all the things that she might just possibly "need" or that she may require assistance with, plus a few additional minutes to ensure that my message is clearly "understood," as hearing aide usage is a crap shoot.

I think hard to check whether there is any possibility that I have skipped a step. I am confident that we are on track and aiming at the target.

I am calm.

I am in control.

Everything will be fine.

We commence our sequencing in an orderly fashion, step by step by step we slowly gain formation. All variables are taken into account. We move into range with a little shimmy here and there, but still within the proscribed parameters. We track gently along the projected path until task completion is within our grasp.

I manovre with care, overcoming obstacles, detouring around cul-de-sacs and bypassing blind alleys. Gentle encouragement here, pressing on the brakes over there as we steadily tip toe towards the goal. We teeter towards the target, gaining momentum, limbering up, synapses snapping and muscles moving.

I hold the door handle to open the flood gates and hit the automatic garage opener just as Nonna appears in the framework:- “Maddy can you just turn on the BBC for me please?” ..........before she's finished her sentence my son escapes from the bathroom, stitchless and roars into the darker recesses of the house, his brother trips over the step and tumbles onto the concrete floor, bowling his sister over in the process.

There is a very loud weeping, wailing and gnashing of retainers in all directions.


Perfect Post Award

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The perfect post award is hosted by Lindsay at "Suburban Turmoil" and Kimberley at "Petroville." Sorry it's a little early ladies but it's now or never as time and tide wait for no [wo]man and the waters are closing over!

The Original Perfect Post Awards 08.08

Every once in a while people can feel a little lost, a little small or a little little.

Personally I am free from such little trifles as I try earnestly to avoid all 'isms.' So saying, it may just be that you too feel that littlism is creeping over you in this big bad scary world. There are many ways of beating back the waves of littlism that come crashing into our lives on a daily basis, and one of those things, as we already know, is blogging.

Hence I should like to nominate "Carrie" at "Fully Caffeinated" for her post entitled "Lighting Marys" as although this may be a little irreverent for some, the underlying tenant affects us all regardless of our religious persuasions.

Hopefully this post will help you feel bigger too, or failing that, more connected with other little bloggers like me.

In an effort at full disclosure I should point out that I am a lapsed Roman Catholic myself, but I'll tuck my bias back in now, no peeking!

Cheers dears

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After numerous prompts that it is necessary to walk backwards when wearing fins, he decides to opt out of walking altogether.

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