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Friday, October 24, 2008


Slurping Life

As a die in the wood pacifist, probably a retaliation towards Service life, I was careful to ensure that none of my children would ever be exposed to weapons of any shape, form or description. It was a blanket ban. I suspect, that my 'anti war' campaign was ineffectual. My daughters' interests fell more into the tree climbing category of physical activity. They were who they were, regardless of my preferences.

When the boys came along, I decided to adopt the same ineffectual campaign, all the more so, since wise people told me that 'boys would be boys.' As it turned out pretend play wasn't high on their preferred list of activities, with or without props of any kind. As it turned out, many quite ordinary household items were already considered lethal weapons by them, instruments of torture to be avoided at all costs.

They have their own way or working through issues and overcoming obstacles, even if the picture is ever so hazy.

Clarity comes to s[he] who waits.

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