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Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Seven Deadly sins

I have always known them off by heart. I even made up my own mnemonic at far too early age to keep me on the straight and narrow. GAPWELS should be our watchword.

This could also be called 7 things about me as "Suzy" over at "identity crisis" prefers to call it. She tagged me with a meme, but I only ever manage to seem to be able to get around to these things at the weekend as I am bloggy challenged and all the linky do dahs steam up my bifocals.

Sloth or being lazy, is probably the only one that doesn't apply to me. I am probably allergic to lazy. I am simply not capable of remaining still for long enough. I am a constantly moving target so the arrows of sloth can't tag me. There again 'busy' and 'productive' are not necessarily the same thing.

Lust or lechery. I shall have to skip this one as I can't get my spouse to sign the waiver.

Covetousness or avarice, the insatiable desire for wealth or gain, isn't really my thing. Envy is another one that I mislaid when I changed from a youngster into an old fogy, or possibly just foggy, but the wrinkles are only thinly disguised under a thick layer of Ponds facial cream.

I have oodles of wrath or anger, which is quite disproportionate to the cause. Wrath manifests itself in the form of irritation and annoyance, which covers just about every waking moment. Even as the flames of hell tickle my toes, I shall be cross that I left my flameproof socks at home.

I debating with having Pride declassified as a deadly sin, since it appears that we womenfolk are in dire need of a healthy dollop of self esteem, but I don't want to split hairs about definitions.

Gluttony is probably the best deadly sin around. Under normal circumstances [fully functioning gnashers] I would have a chance at a fairly reasonable score at this one, as everyone knows that salted peanuts are made with the sole purpose of tempting the dentally challenged.

Ideally I should like to tagged 7 similarly lapsed Roman Catholics but they're a bit thin on the ground, so instead I'll tag "Suzy" right back just to see if she has a holy chance of getting into the Convent.

"Lori" over at "Spinningyellow" seems to have her own unique way of wading through the religious options, so I'll be interested to see her take.

"Melody" over at "slurping life" is another one that has her hands full to over flowing, so she's bound to have something helpful to aid lesser mortals such as myself.

"Stompergirl" over at "Stompergirl" always get my vote as she admits to the vice of grumpiness, which always makes me feel so much better.

"Liv" over at "madnessmadnessisay" because she's good at huge memes, uses strange unfamiliar words and also wants to change the world. I'd also be jolly glad to see her sitting in the lotus position on a nice hard wooden pew.

"Furiousball" is bound to bounce back with something to rattle my cage.

Number seven would have to be "I am Bossy" because I know that I'm going to love the pictures and have a "giggle," hopefully at her expense.

So off you toddle now and see if you can offer me some insight into the world of sin from around the globe, sort of antidote to "nice matters."

Maybe you could just pick one, the one that's really bad for you and post 7 items just on that? Wouldn't it be fun to find out what wickedness lurks beneath the outer shell of the blogs that you love?

You don't have to be tagged to join in, but if you post let me know so I can pop along and hand out penance. Do I have a touch of the "God Complex" or maybe just a little devilment?

Cheers dearies

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