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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

St. Valentine

“Ooo I am love!”
“Are you? Er,..... I mean what do you love?”
“I am be love deez!” he shakes the packet of Marshmallows.
“Rubbish! You hate Marshmallows.”

I recall our long programme of desensitization to textures, ongoing. Part of it included making stick figures with Q-tips and baby Marshmallows. I was never that keen on them myself anyway, a heathen American invention if ever there was one, but 35 minutes of that particular exercise, more or less finished me off. I was quite deafened by the whole experience and the desensitization programme was designated an unmitigated flop.

“I am be love now.”
“Really why?” He squeezes the bag to his chest in little vibratory movements.
“Coz dey are pink and pink is being my favourite colour.”
“Ah yes, I’d forgotten that. So you’ll eat pink ones but not white ones?”
“But you just said that you like them!”
“I like em because dey are…… puff…….I mean…..dey are soft.”

He gives the packet another little hug.

“Well that’s……good. I’m going to use them to decorate the little heart shaped cakes for your class tomorrow.”
“Yes. I’ll put one marshmallow on each cake, glue it in place with icing…..er…..frosting. Do you think your friends might like them?”
“Do you think you’ll like them, like them enough to eat one perhaps?”
“Er no……”
“You could try?”
“It be bad to eat dah fings you love. If I eat em, then I can’t hug em.”

Here are a few picture links to more mainstream or traditional Valentine themes.

Not really "Hearts" and flowers.

Much more my kind of hearts and "Flowers."

Just in case you dipped out, here is a "Bouquet."

Or a "green" alternative.

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