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Friday, February 15, 2008

Awards - you make my day

"Tara" over at "tlcillustration" [tender loving care illustration] is a talented little creature and recently [if I get my act together] passed on this winkum dinkum award. Thank you so much for thinking of me. "At Silver Apples of the Moon" you too can have a glimpse of someone's life, with all it's many facets.

It's hard to pick a spot to start, but if pushed [hey, be gentle!] then I'd suggest this posting called " painting by lantern light ." Why this one? Good question. Tough answer. I think because you can see her work in progress, which is always fascinating to me and also because the idea of continuing to 'work' in such circumstances [dark!] makes my head hurt. I know, I'm just a wimp, but I'd simply throw my hands up in horror and run away to the nearest electric light I could find.

Then to "Meno" over at "Meno's Blog." If this is a new one for you then you might like to start with the quickie call "Up in Flames." It tickled my funny bone for a number of different reasons:- my 'hug a tree' daughter who has hissy fits about 'standby' buttons on household appliances, my pal in England who made me wait 45 minutes whilst she unplugged every item in her on bedroom flat again, and again, and again....... and my mum because she has just been brave enough to install a telephone answering machine - new fangled gadget guaranteed to set the house ablaze when you leave.......so she'll unplug it!

Next to "Flutter" in her delightful new spot at "Dark and Divine." Hmm? The Dark and Divine bit is gone. The 'craft' bit of 'fluttercrafts' is gone. So what are you calling yourself these days dearie? Louder please! Oh well, I expect she's busy with something else. Not to worry, I'm sure she'll put me straight in due course. If you haven't visited before then pop along to her post called "The kindness of Strangers" because we never know how many lives we touch.

Also to "Joey Mom" over at "Life with Joey." Her wee ones are more wee than mine currently are, but we share many of the same issues, joys and giggles. If this is a new place for you, I'd recommend this post here called "New Design."

Then to lovely sweet "Lime" at the "House of Lime," no bitter lemons around there. The house of lime is always full of entertainment for me, but if it's new to you, then a good spot to start might be here in her post called "Trinidad to Pennsylvania" where you can test your knowledge of chocolate = irresistible.

There's more sweet stuff to be had over with "Mer" at "Playing with my Food." I'm thinking of sending my youngest son over there to be desensitized to food as she's bound to have more luck than I am. Afterall, who could resist this step by step instruction posting on how to make a superb "Lemon Meringue Pie" with piccies, that had to be guaranteed success for everyone. Probably worth a book mark for those moments when the brain freezes over, or is that just me?

Also for my golly good pal "Linda" at "Are we there yet?" Linda is a real gem. How she manages to juggle career, family, blogging and the pressures of work I can hardly imagine. If you've not visited before then I would recommend this post of hers called "There's no crying in Dispatch."

A lovely new spot for me is "Lisa" over at "Lisa's chaos," a misnomer if ever I read one! Here you can bask in wildlife and fabulous photographs, none my blurry snaps around here. A good place to start would be here in her post called "Round Robin." This is great for a number of different reasons:-

1. I didn't know that Americans knew what the term Round Robin meant.
2. Lisa's potatoes assure that I'm not the only person who leaves things lying around for much too long.
3. I love black and white template sites.
4. It's a good way to find lots of other photography sites.

Lastly to the "anti wife". For anyone who has aspirations to improve their writing style then nip on over for a free tutorial! The "anti wife" has started to attend a writing course, and penny pinchers such as myself can learn a great deal from her financial investment. Now that's my kind of long distance learning experience. If you've not visited before then I would suggest that you start of here at her post called "Lesson 1 - the setting."

New post up on "Alien." It's 'Dinner Party II' so it may be better to read I first.

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