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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday 13 # 3

guess about

Testing, testing 1,2,3

Name the following pictures [identify object]

Categorize into one of the following:-

1. Benign

2. Possibly beneficial for some

3. Instrument of torture

Good luck!

Answers below - sorry I couldn't write them upside down as that would have been way more fun.














1. long handled things are the current talismen therefore benign and possibly beneficial
2. Laser pointer, jolly handy for getting reader’s eyes to track.
2 bGotta be clean or possibly die!
3. Theraband – helps keep those legs and toes in repose and increases bum to seat ratio.
4. Vibrating spoon and mouth massager as it makes those tricky textures more tolerable
5. Do not enter or do not touch precious thing underneath, territorialism isn’t always bad.
6. Balm for the skin and therefore the mind
7. Weighted vest to keep people grounded, it can be very inconvenient to have floating children
8. Increase fine motor skill and strength and help mum to boot.
9. P tube to chew. Helps jaw strength and reduces anxiety [take note smokers and other oral fixaters]
10. Another vest that squeezes, made to measure with Velcro [put your ear plugs in first]
11. Not for fighting but for protecting delicate digits.
12. T tube as above in 9.
13. A delightful Christening gift both a whistle and a rattle and the only instrument of torture.

Prizes =

If anyone get them all right then pop on over for a free bounce on the trampoline!

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